How to Make Itten's Color Wheel


The materials you will need to complete any of the color wheel tutorials are listed below.


differnt kinds of paper you can use
You will need a piece of paper, canvas, or surface on which to paint your color wheel.
If you are not sure what paper to use for your painting medium, check out the FAQ page.


paints I used, liquitex basics
This activity requires that you have at least the three primary colors red, yellow, and blue in your paint medium from which all other colors on the wheel can be made, based on the paint's properties of subtractive color mixing. To learn more about the theory behind the color wheel check out the Home page.

3.Drawing Compass

a drawing compass
You will need a compass in order to draw the circle and other measurments for the color wheel. I got mine at my local walmart for about 3-4$ and it came with a protractor as well.


a blue protractor
A protractor is very essential for these tutorials as I use their angle measurement markings in dividing up the circle into even sections.


a 12 inch ruler
Having a regular 12 inch ruler is useful to have along with a protractor in order to draw longer straight lines, especially if drawing larger circles.

5.Mixing Palette

a mixing palette
You will need a place to mix your colors on, before painting it on the wheel in order to get the right colors. You can buy a palette at an art store, or use one you already have of your choosing. I use a small mixing palette or sometimes just mix my paint on another piece of paper. I also like to test out a swatch of my mixed paint on a piece of scratch paper before I apply it on a final. Some paints tend to dry darker than other so its good to be aware of how your paints behave.

5.Jar of Water

a jar with water and a cloth to wipe off brushes
Its important to have some water with you in order to clean off your brush before mixing a new color in order to avoid muddying up your colors. I use an old jar that I have to hold water in. I also keep an old shirt with my paints in order to dry off my brush after cleaning it in the water. Every once in a while, I replenish my jar with new water while I'm painting because the pigments from all the color I mixed start to stick to my brush from the water.